An open letter about meat worship.

Meat is a beautiful thing. It comes from an animal that gave it’s life to provide you with a rich source of proteins, vitamins and a full range of amino acid profiles. Every bite should be cherished. However, we’ve reached a point where meat is a commodity. In a world full of all you can eat for $19.99 and dollar menu cheeseburgers, we’ve become separated from what meat really is.

Meat, the way it is farmed today is destroying the planet. Straight up. It consumes mass amounts of resources, and gives off 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more greenhouse gases produced than transportation. That’s fucking bonkers. At the rate we’re going with livestock farming, it’s simply not sustainable for the future. The Vegans aren’t totally wrong. Meat can also have some negative effects on your health, especially the way we like to cook it – Smoked, over fire, slathered in sauce… goddamned delicious. The chemical reaction that seared or burnt meat has on your neurological sensors is nothing short of fucking magical, and we need proteins to be strong, right? Fuck yes we do. Meat is glorious on a lot of levels. So fucking treat it as such.

We put meat on the highest pedestal of the plate, making it the focal point of our meals, we worship it on social media, and we are consuming FAR too much of it. Your body only absorbs about 20 grams of protein per meal. And the RDA for protein for Men is 56 grams. The RDA for women is 46 grams. One 6 ounce steak pulls in 52 grams of protein. The rest goes to your liver for storage or gets pissed out. 

Meanwhile, behind the scenes of every 20 cent wing night, and 2 can dine for 25.99 shack, it’s a very different story. Over populated factory farms fueled by corruption, greed and cruelty, overflowing with disease ridden livestock. The way the animals are treated, not to mention the smell of these fucking places is enough to turn your stomach at the sheer thought of it, if you’ve ever experienced it. And for what? To save a few bucks at the checkout line? That meat is SHIIIIITTTT. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

“What can I do? I’m just a consumer.”

  1. Give the finger to any company that treats meat like a commodity and processes the crap out of it, adding things like sawdust and Phytoestrogens. For real, processed food is giving you bitch tits and anally raping you every time you plop those shitty poops out and spackle the bowl.
  2.  I get it, Bacon is fucking delicious. But stop being so fucking obsessive about it. When you do consume it, make sure it’s high quality, and hand made. Dress it up nice and show it a good time.
  3.  If it comes from a box, or wrapper, it’s been processed. If it has a commercial, it’s been processed. If it’s processed, we can bet the meat in that Michellina’s came up a disease ridden chicken from an overflowing factory farm pen, and was probably rinsed in ammonia before being cooked in a preservative laden chemical blend of ‘flavour’. You don’t need that shit in your life. You’re better than that. take a few minutes to focus on meal prep and process your own damn meat.
  4.  Shopping the outside aisles isn’t good enough anymore. We owe the animal that sacrificed its life more than that. Meat is fucking expensive. It’s a luxury. Treat it as such. Go out of your way to buy quality meat from trusted producers. Shake your farmer’s hand. And savour every fucking ounce when you do eat it.

Meat is fucking great. It helps our bodies recover. It brings us together at the tables, but we have become far too disassociated with what it really is. For our children’s future and our own health, we need to chill the fuck out on it and stop eating so fucking much of it all the time.

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