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I’m not a chef, but food has been connecting me to people around the world for the past (almost) decade. In 2010 I started a YouTube cooking show¬†about a guy who didn’t know how to cook (me). Some people got offended. Others stuck around to see where it went. Through it, I learned to cook by pushing myself with new episodes, and with the helpful comments of what I could do better.

I grew up fly fishing for trout on the Bow River,¬†but it was my love of food that led¬†me to begin ethically harvesting my own meat as an adult. I am now an avid outdoors man and ethical meat advocate. It has been quite a¬†journey thus far, but with that, my culinary adventure is¬†just beginning. I’m currently studying Nutritional Sciences with the intention of passing my knowledge on; that food doesn’t have to be a certain way. It doesn’t have to be daunting, or hoity toity, or come out of a box, or confusing. It can be delicious, while nutritious at the same time. I aim to bring people together with food as it has for me.

Thanks for swinging by, stay a while, and enjoy.



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