Bruh, I see you out there, thinking medium rare is the only way to steak. Arguing about what’s better, bake then sear, sear then bake, BBQ vs Cast Iron, and I’m not even going to get into Sous Videring. It’s all good homies. We got this.



Different cuts dictate different methods, and a little knowledge before dropping 20 bucks on a chunk of meat will ensure you won’t fuck up.

Ribeye / Prime Rib 

The fat in this cut is thick. Therefore it takes more time to cook, because fat renders slower than muscle cooks. You might want to throw a salt cure on this 10-15 minutes before cooking to pull some of the moisture in the fat out. This will ensure your fat and meat will meld to become one and your pan won’t be sputtering all over the place.

Heat a cast iron pan til it’s blazing hot with some grapeseed oil and a crushed garlic clove. When you think it’s hot enough, let er buck for another 30 seconds, then drop the steak down on it. The temperature of the pan will reduce instantly and give you a beautiful sear on it. You probably want to move it around. DON’T fucking touch it. if you want to turn it and rotate it in the pan, that’s acceptable, but don’t fucking flip it. Instead grab some butter and have it at the ready. When you can see it’s browned up on the sides, flip it over and check er out. Throw in your butter and baste that sonofabitch til you’re good and Medium.

Medium rare and you’re gonna have a chewy gross fat chunk in that steak and anything over will be ruined. It may be a medium steak, but it will melt in your mouth all the same.

About basting: Butter burns easily. Adding a little Grapeseed or Cold Pressed Canola oil will raise the spoke point of the butter so it doesn’t burn as quickly.


T Bone

The T bone is made up of two cuts. On one side of the bone you have the strip loin with a glorious fat cap on it. On the other, the tenderloin. This cut is what I take camping. My personal favourite is to just grill this up over an open fire and serve it cowboy style with a cob of corn, cooked in it’s husk and a can of baked beans. When cooking it, try to keep the tenderloin off of direct heat. It will cook faster than the striploin.


This is the leanest cut on the cow. That being said, it can also have beautiful marbling if you get a high quality steak. Either way, You’re good to sear this in a pan, flip and then transfer to a hot oven. These usually come thicker, but smaller and can be difficult to tell. This is where the bake then sear vs Sear then bake debate comes in. Follow your heart, just be sure to rest this with a dolop of butter on top before serving.

Strip loin

This is a griller. Med rare. Chimichurri or BBQ sauce. Simplicity is the key to this cut. nothing fancy, nothing special. if you want to get special though, slap some blue cheese on that sucker.

Flank / Skirt Steak / Tri tip

My favourite parts of the cow. They are in no means the same cut, but they take to similar methods all the same, so I’ve grouped them together. They can be tougher, but the flavour of these cuts is unlike any other cut on the cow. Marinate, grill, rest and thinly slice against the grain (across muscle fibres, not with) to serve. Rare or Medium Rare for these guys. See marinades section below for some ideas.

Get creative with these; Fajitas, Korean tacos, or, try dropping a whole Flank in a chilli and see what happens. I dare ya.

Top Sirloin

This is the love handle of the cow. Its a big chunk of mean that no body needs to eat in steak form. I mean that. Fuck a Top Sirloin. It’s also used in roasts, but again, fuck this cut. If you are going to eat it, the price point is good and it’s a big ass steak, but it can be a bit tough and for me, it’s not ideal. I buy this and cut it into thin strips with the grain and make a shit load of stir fry out of it.

Eye of Round Steak

This is the cow’s butt meat. The ass cheek. This cut gets a bad wrap because if done incorrectly, it can be dry, tough and tasteless. That being said, with a little marinade or tenderization this cut will let you be a baller on a budget.

I like to buy this one at a good price point in a Round Roast, roll it in steak spice and then cut it into a bunch of steaks. Pan frying is best for this steak as it is a lean cut that may require some brown butter basting, depending on what you’ve done with it.

see the marinading below for details.


There’s many different ways of marinading meat, but they all fall into the same principal. For any marinade, you need an acid and an oil. The time depends on the meat. Acids like lemon or lactose can cook meat (ceviche), while vinegars can dry it out after a long period of time. However, acid is what penetrates the meat allowing any flavours to break its way into the muscle fibres, while the oil will help those fibres absorb the flavours.

When marinading white meat, keep it to about 3 hours, steak and other red meats -up to 6 hours, and fish about 30 minutes.

That being said, here’s some of my favourite marinades

Bulgogi – Sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, ginger

Flank Steak – Soy sauce, red wine vinegar, canola oil.

Classic – Grape seed oil, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder.


Rely on the 3 finger touch method. it takes some practice, google if need be. On the same hand touch your index to your thumb. then press the fleshy part on the thumb side of your palm and that will indicate Medium Rare. Middle finger to thumb will indicate Medium and totally open will indicate Rare. Those are the three acceptable temperatures for steak.

 I hope didn’t miss anything. Leave a comment if I did, or if you want to chime in. Get creative, and don’t be afraid of over cooking it.

Rest it

Let it sit a few minutes before eating it, you fucking savage. Chill out. You have just cooked flesh. There are proteins that have been disturbed in the cooking process that need to re-abosrb into the muscle tissue. These are the juices. It’s not blood, it’s proteins. Myoglobin. It’s delicious and it needs a minute. Unless you want all that shit all over your plate, leaking into your salad and veggies, disturbing the balance of your plate. Gross. You’re better than that.


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